Oasis Youth is for all 6-12 grade students. We have amazing services every Tuesday night that are designed to help students grow in their faith, character, and relationships! This is a place where you can come as you are and not worry about being judged or looked down upon. Every week we have a live band, an inspiring message and super fun games afterwards! We have some of the best young adult leaders that are there to support Pastor Estefania, and some absolutely fantastic students who hearts are ready for God to move.

Meet our Youth Pastor!

Pastor Estefania
Pastor Estefania

Estefania Ramos has served Oasis Church since her teenage years. While attending Texas Women’s College pursuing a medical career, Estefania served at Oasis Youth ministry leading worship and ministering as a leader for several years. There she met her husband, Ignacio, who have recently married in July ‘22. After graduating with her bachelor’s in science and working in the medical field for several years, Estefania knew the Lord was calling her to full-time ministry. In 2022, the Lord opened the door for Estefania to pastor the Oasis Youth. God has put it in her heart to raise and equip young people to serve the Lord and lead their generation to Jesus.


Oasis Youth is a place where young people experience the glory of the Lord. From the moment our students walk in the building till they walk out, our assignment is to maintain an environment of expectation and child-like wonder. We enjoy having fun all around our service! We’re here to confirm their identities as sons and daughters, thus teaching them to confidently share the gospel in their circles of influence.

We understand the value of worship and its’s power to shift the room, so we intentionally include it in every session with our students.

We preach the Word of God in truth and our goal is that our students graduate Oasis Youth with a strong biblical competency that can be carried out in their adult life. We intentionally make time to minister to them individually either at the alter or in a small group setting. Our student leaders, 12 Crew, are equipped to minister, and disciple our students at an Oasis Youth night and outside of service.

Ultimately, we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His quickening as we lead throughout our time together. It is our commitment to do as the Lord pleases.

It is our joy to raise up the Lord’s Sons and Daughters, for it is in them, the future generation, that revival will be passed on to. They will carry the legacy God has started in His Church and in return raise up the future generations to come.

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